The Madagascar Call

By Bishop Aaron Yap (June 2019)

The Madagascar Chinese Christian Church (MCCC) has been a joint mission project between the Basel Christian Church in Malaysia (BCCM), the Lutheran Church in Malaysia (LCM) and the FLM (Malagasy Lutheran Church) for the past 15 years.

It is reported that at least 70,000 Chinese, mainly from Mainland China, are settled here, mostly for business opportunities. Some are Permanent Residents, while others have been in Madagascar for a few generations. It has been observed that the majority had settled down in Due to the growing economy of China in the world, learning the Chinese language is getting more popular as a way and means to getting better jobs with higher income.


The 5 level church building was completed about 10 years ago in July 2009, with the dedication on Easter 2010, spearheaded by the first missionary couple Francis and Lily.


We are blessed to be a channel of blessing to this land as MCCC is also the first Chinese Church with landed property.MCCC is parked under the very strong presence of the Malagasy Lutheran Church (FLM), which has a membership of 4 million. The current Bishop/President is Dr. David. FLM has well established Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, colleges, university, Medical colleges, clinics, hospitals, School for the Deaf and Dumb, School for the Blind, Farming and Agricultural College, a few theological seminaries, and many more.


Besides the Sunday Worship Service, MCCC also provides preschool or children education and child care centre as a means to reach Out to the Chinese Community and those who wanted to learn Chinese. At the same time, a new clinic or dispensary has been set up since March 2019 to serve the community with Chinese Traditional Medicine and Western Medication.


The challenges in the MCCC are:


1. The membership is not stable as members are travelling between Madagascar and China. In addition, migrant families also have a lot of family issues and challenges.

2. Hard to get people to serve in the church.

3. Need equipping classes.

4. Looking for Missionary Pastors. (A new Chinese Speaking Missionary Pastor couple may be joining in September 2019 if all works out)

5. Need a lot of encouragement, prayer and support for this ministry.

6. Need to organize visiting teams to assist them in different ministries.

7. LCM is looking for a teacher (Chinese Speaking) to help out in the children's education (Pre-School) set up in 2018. Currently a sister from BCCM is helping and may leave in March 2020 after completing her 1 year. If anyone with This experience or anyone is interested, kindly contact the Bishop's Office 03-7956-5992/0014 for further discussion.


May our Lord continue to use MCCC and all of us to be a channel of blessings to the Chinese people and also the community.





马达加斯加华人基督教教会 (MCCC)是由马来西亚基督教巴色会(BCCM)、马来西亚基督教信义会 (LCM) 以及马达加斯加信义会(FLM)设立于15 年前的宣教合作计划而成。


教会五层楼的建筑于2009 年7 月即十年前完成并于2010 年的复活节举行奉献礼,由第一队宣教士夫妇 Francis 和 Lily 带领。




我们很荣幸能成为MCCC 的蒙受祝福的管道,也是第一间拥有地皮的华人教会。MCCC 是隶属马达加斯加信义会(FLM)的遮盖下,约有四百万会友,目前的会督/主席是大卫博士。 FLM 拥有健全的幼稚园、小学及中学、学院、大学、医药学院、诊所、医院、聋哑学校、盲人学校、农业及种植业学院、几所神学院及其他。除了主日崇拜外,MCCC 也提供学前教育或儿童教育及幼儿照顾中心作为接触华人社区及对学中文有兴趣者的管道,同时间也于2019 年3 月设立了一间新的医务所或药房,提供中医及西医的服务。


MCCC 所面对的挑战:


1. 会友人数不固定,因为会友不断往返马达加斯加及中国之间,除外,移民的家庭也面对许多家庭问题及挑战。

2. 侍奉人员难求。

3. 需要装备课程。

4. 物色宣教士(一对华人宣教士夫妇有可能于2019 年9 月加入)。

5. 事工需要许多鼓励、祷告及支持。

6. 需要组织探访团队在各样事工上帮助他们。

7. 马来西亚基督教信义会正在寻找一名老师(华语)以协助于2018 年成立的儿童教育(学前)。目前由来自BCCM 的姐妹协助,但于2020 年三月可能经一年后离开。有经验或有兴趣者请联络会督办公室 03-7956-5992/0014.


愿主继续使用MCCC 及大家成为当地华人及社区蒙福的管道。







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