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To help the LCM’s young people aged 13 – 35 by

✓ CONNECT them to God and one another.

✓ EDIFY them in holistic manner.

✓ Preparing them to SERVE in the church and the world.

✓ TRANSFORM them into Christ-like young people,adults, leaders and pastors that bring impact to

churches and the world.



- CONNECT to young people in order to know their world views, their needs and talents.

- CONNECT young people to God.

- CONNECT young people with one another.

- EDIFY young people in balanced and holistic manner.

- EDIFY young people in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, leadership and skills.

- Equip youth ministers and leaders by providing resources and training.

-Encourage and provide platforms for young people to have exposure and SERVE in families, churches, schools and communities in Malaysia and abroad.




TRANSFORM them into Christ-like young people, adults,

leaders and pastors that bring impact to churches and the world.


National or district camps that gather young people from different congregations for fellowship and discipleship purposes. 
 TRAININGDistrict or congregational training for young people, youth leaders and ministers for personal and ministry development. 

Opportunities for young people to have exposure and to serve through local and overseas voluntary programs, study tours, mission trips etc. 

Social Medias to connect with young people, to share with them updates and stories, and to unleash their creativity and gifts in media for God’s kingdom. 




Age 13 – 17

Group Camp

A biennial national youth camp that gathers secondary students during mid-year school holiday for fellowship and discipleship purposes.

To understand Christian faith and its relation to the abundant living on earth (John 10: 10).

To grow personal faith and instill the passion to serve and to evangelize.
Age 17 – 24

Group Camp

An annual school leaver’s camp organized by LCM Education Ministry during March school holiday.

Discover oneself and future direction in life.

Be a channel of blessings (Evangelism).

Learn to serve one another and grow as one body.
Age 21 - 35

Group Camp

A biennial young adult camp that gathers varsity students and young working adults for fellowship and discipleship purposes.

To build a stronger bond among the young adults.

To grow their Christian faith further by understanding their roles in their congregations, workplaces and society.

To foster strong leadership among the young adults.



Apart from building the faith of the young people, they also need to be
equipped as effective leaders and ministers.


In the future, we will be introducing training and resources that are helpful to train both young people and youth ministers in their personal and ministry development. This ranges from creative outreach, sharing the Gospel, program planning, Bible study, team building, leadership, Worship etc.In 2019, we will be organizing at least one youth ministers' training in the region of Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya.


This training does not only serve the purpose of equipping youth ministers and leaders, but it also offers them a platform to connect with one Another for friendship and future partnership.


And in 2020, by the grace of God that we could introduce modular trainings for youth. More information will be given later.



Growing our young people alone through camps and trainings would not be sufficient and holistic. Thus, we would like to create opportunities or platforms for the young people to be trained for fieldworks, to apply whatever they have learned, and to have great exposure that challenge Their worldview and comfort zone.


From the past till the present, the LCM has been sending young people to participate in voluntary programs in Germany (1 year) and United States (3-month). In the future, we hope to offer a greater range of exposure like local and Overseas mission trips,

study tours, social works, interdenominational programs etc.


Sis Joyce Ng (New Life Lutheran Church Ipoh) Volunteering for one year in Hof district, Germany.


Sis Agnes Ng (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church PJ) Volunteering for 3 months in USA.



Social Media remains as one of the most influential communication modes to people of all ages, including the young people. In 2018, we started a Facebook group and an Instagram account for the LCM Youth Ministry. These accounts does not only provide ministry updates, but To also share stories and resources that benefit many.


In the future, we hope to gather talented young people to creatively use social media for evangelistic and discipleship purposes


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