The Deacon-Deaconess Training Program


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord prepare all our hearts as we begin the journey together in the season of Lent.


The Lord has blessed us with wonderful pastors and lay leaders over the last 70 years of our history. As the Church grows and ministries continue to expand, we need greater involvement of the laity in ministry with our pastors.


The role of Deacon and Deaconess is mainly focus on assisting the pastor in ministry work. Unlike council members who are elected at congregational AGM, candidacy for deacon- deaconess is nominated by the pastor and approved by the Council. The Deacon-Deaconess appointment is for a period of 2 years and renewable as deemed necessary.


I would like to encourage your congregation and pastors to identify potential candidates for the position of Deacon-Deaconess and send them to join our Deacon-Deaconess Training Program. Some classes will be held via ZOOM and others may be physical. This program is a required qualification for all who seek to apply for being a Deacon-Deaconess. Those who have taken similar courses in a recognized seminary can apply for exemptions from the various courses offered in our program.


The Body of Christ is in need of lay ministerial workers together with our pastors. The harvest is indeed plentiful and we need your response as servants of God. It is my hope that by next year, we will have at least one deacon or deaconess in every of our congregation.

Blessings to you in your untiring and faithful work in the field of our Lord.



Rt. Rev. Thomas Low

Bishop, LCM







上帝在我们七十年的岁月里为我们预备了许多美好的教牧同工及平信徒领袖;当教会持续 的成长而事工也不断的发展,我们需要更多平信徒的参与,以协助教牧传道。


男女会吏的角色主要是在事工上协助教牧传道,并不像执事们是要在堂会的会中选举出 来的,会吏的人选则是由教牧传道提名然后由执事部批准,任期是二年但可因需要更新。


我愿鼓励您的会及教传道确认潜在的人选,并鼓励他们参加我们所举办的会吏训练课 程;有些课程将在线上进行而有些可能实体的参与;对那些要申请成为会吏的,这课程 是必要的认证,那些在公认的神学院修过类似课程的人可以在我们提供的各种课程申请 豁免。


基督的肢体不但需要教传道也需要平信徒事工人员;庄家已经成熟了,我们需要你回应 成为上帝的仆人;我个人希望从明年开始每个堂会至少会有一位会吏。








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