Report on the Study Trip by the Lutheran Education Malaysia to the Lutheran Education Australia


By Ms. Ivy Pheng


“But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations” – Psalm 33:11


We marveled and were reminded of this verse as we soaked in the rich heritage of how the early founders migrated to South Australia and laid the bedrock of families, churches and schools in deep Christian faith.


Bishop Aaron Yap of Lutheran Church Malaysia (LCM) and the Lutheran Education Malaysia (LEM) Board members and spouses, through the office of the International Mission, Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) had the opportunity to visit Brisbane and Adelaide from 25th March to 1st April, 2019. The objective was to better understand the Christian Studies' framework within Lutheran schools. Our initial step is to provide an early childhood education system which we can then expand across Lutheran churches within Malaysia. We view this as an outreach ministry to the community.


It was indeed an eye opener and amazing experience for us to visit the various preschools, primary schools, kindergartens and colleges.


What came across strongly when we met the Principals, Teachers, Pastors and staff were the passion in teaching and active engagement with students. Christian faith is internalized and demonstrated, increasingly important in today's era. The classroom ambience both indoor and outdoor promote closer interaction; floor and enclosure walls are with high acoustic quality to keep noise level down. Interesting and ingenious furniture add to a refreshing environment that stimulates creativity and fun while focusing on a holistic education.


We can truly appreciate all the hard work behind the scene that provide this consistency; from the Lutheran Church Australia, Lutheran Education Australia, Australian Lutheran College, Lutheran Education Queensland and Lutheran Laypeople’s League, playing critical roles in their areas of expertise. It has been encouraging to see how through wonderful stewardship, LLL has been able to extend financial support in a wide range of ministries, both locally and internationally. We are grateful too for the resources available through Grow.


We praise God for the church congregations and members we met, spreading and expressing God’s love within the Women’s, Men’s and Youth Ministries. Truly awesome enthusiasm and zealousness for the Lord!


As we reflect upon our visit, we see how each Lutheran unit collectively make tremendous contribution to the families and community at large. May the Lord bless them richly as they perpetuate the legacy of the early founders, benefiting many more generations to come.


There will be follow up discussions as we put our plans into action. We pray that with God’s guidance, we can be a blessing, as how our Australian education partners have been.


Our gratitude to Sis Erin Kerber and Rev Matthew Anker for the excellent arrangement and to each and every one, for their time and effort. We have been touched by the warm hospitality, welcomed as one in the family of Christ.




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