Dear pastors and fellow workers in Christ,

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.


For anyone who wants to drive their car on the road, they must first undergo rigorous training and obtain a driver's license. This is a necessary safety measure, not only to protect oneself, but also to protect the lives of others. However, for men to start a family, they usually do not undergo any training but naturally assume the role of fatherhood. Without proper preparation, they find themselves responsible for nurturing children, often relying on their own instincts or mirroring the ways of their own fathers as their only reference point. As the saying goes, "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree." If the father had grown up in an unhealthy environment, his children will also be thus affected. If obtaining a driver's license is important for the safety of oneself and others' lives, then fatherhood training is even more crucial, because it involves shaping the character and lives of children.


The Education Committee has been emphasising the importance of fatherhood training since last year, leading to the establishment of the “Better Dad" workshops and teacher training sessions. We thank the Lord that last year, we successfully trained qualified teachers in various dioceses who are now able to teach fatherhood courses directly in their respective dioceses or churches. You can obtain the contact information of qualified teachers from the diocesan leaders or the Education Committee members for the purpose of organising fatherhood courses in your congregation in order to enhance the awareness and spirituality of fatherhood among the brothers in your church.


In order to continue promoting the importance of fatherhood awareness, the Education Committee will continue to promote the “Better Dad” ministry this year. We hope that pastors and church leaders will actively encourage their brothers to participate in this ministry within the church. Below are the details of this year's “Better Dad”- related ministry content and schedule:


1. Back to school with dad campaign

Date: 1/3~31/3 (Whole of March)

Target Audience: Brothers who are fathers



A. Write encouraging words on a card, or prepare a small gift as a surprise. (Please refer to the “Better Dad” card, or download and print card from )


B. Secretly place it in the child's school bag, preferably with their lunch box. Let the child discover this unexpected surprise during break time.


C. Take a photo in advance and upload it to Facebook and Instagram; or take a photo with the child afterwards and upload it. Hashtag #back2schoolwithdad


D. Tag at least 3 fathers to join the initiative together, turning it into a movement.



2. “Better Dad” workshop

Date: 27th April 2024 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location: LCM HQ

Audience: Brothers within LCM who are fathers

Registration Deadline: 22nd April 2024 (Monday)



A. Receive instruction from qualified teachers to raise awareness about the importance of fatherhood.

B. Participate in group discussions and sharing sessions to learn from each other's experiences, and inspire one another to fulfill their roles as good fathers.


We sincerely hope that pastors and leaders will actively promote this event within the church and encourage your brothers to participate. Attached with this letter are the event posters, encouragement videos from the bishop and secretary, as well as promotional clips. Please ensure that these promotional materials are presented during church services. We deeply appreciate your support.


Here are the requested videos:


Bishop's Encouragement Video (English):



Secretary's Encouragement Video (Chinese):



Promotional Video (C/E):


Thank you, may God strengthen the work of your hands, and may your efforts be established by God!


Best regards,


Rev Myron Goh (Chairman of education department)













1. “ 与爸爸返校运动 ”

日期: 1/3~31/3(整个三月开学期)

对象: 拥有父职的弟兄们



A. 在纸卡上写鼓励的话,,或准备一份小礼物作为惊喜。



C.事先拍照并上传至 Facebook 和 Instragam;或事后与孩子一同拍照上传亦可。请标记 #back2schoolwithdad

D.标记至少 3 位父亲一起加入行动,让它成为一种运动。



2. “ 好爸爸工作坊 ”








A. 接受合格老师的授课,意识父职的重要性。

B. 参与小组讨论与分享,彼此学习以获得经验,激发弟兄作好父职角色。










吴辉宾牧师 (总会教育部主席)



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