LCM Clergy Retreat @ Lake Toba and Medan May 2019


“... Be still, and know that I am God ...” Psalms 46:10


To rest is to prepare for a longer journey ahead. From spiritual point, to rest is to remind us that the Lord is our God and we are mere human. Thanks to the LCM Stewardship Committee for organizing 2019 National Pastoral Retreat and also Exco for sponsoring part of the fees, a group of nearly 50 pastors could take a break from their busy lives and went to Indonesia for the 4-day retreat from 13 to 16 May.


On the first day, after we arrived at Kualanamu International Airport from different cities, we departed to Lake Toba - the biggest volcanic lake in the world. It was believed by some scientists that Lake Toba was formed after the supervolcanic eruption at 75000 years ago.


Lake Toba is a beautiful place and an ideal place for taking break from busy city life. Viewing beautiful scene from Inna Parapat Hotel that we stayed at was really stress relieving and mind relaxing.



We gathered together after dinner for fellowship, worship, listening God's words and partaking the Lord's Supper. On the next day, we started our day with corporate devotion. Then we took the ship to Samosir Island after breakfast. Samosir Island is a large volcanic island in Lake Toba. Its area is only slightly smaller than Singapore.


Cultural Village, we also visited a Lutheran Church in Samosir Island - HKBP (Huria Kristen Batak Protestan) Tomok. Then we went back to Parapat. After lunch, we visited another Lutheran Church - HKI (Huria Kristen Indonesia) Ajibata. We had great fellowships with the pastors and leaders from both churches. From the visitations and fellowships, we were able to know them and their ministries more.


After dinner, we gather again for fellowship and dialogue with our Bishop. All pastors were free to ask any questions, and Bishop had answered all of them. On the third day of our retreat, as usual we started our day with corporate devotion. Then we departed to Permatangsiantar after breakfast.


We visited Sekolah Tinggi Teologi (STT) HKBP Pematangsiantar after lunch. The seminary is blessed with a very big compound. We were brought to a big room for fellowship with them. After praise and worship led by the students and welcoming speech from the Principal, a lecturer introduced the seminary to us. In the Q&A section, our pastors asked questions actively in order to know more about the seminary and also theological education in Indonesia. After exchanging souvenirs, the principal, lecturers and students brought us to visit the seminary. The seminary has a big campus and the environment is very suitable for  study.



Then we went to the Sapadia Hotel Siantar for check in and a short rest before visiting Huria Kriten Indonesia (HKI). When we arrived HKI, we were welcomed by their Bishop, Secretary and leaders. In the fellowship meeting with them, their Secretary introduced the history of HKI to us and we also introduced LCM history to them. After the Q&A section and exchange of souvenirs, HKI Bishop brought us to visit their Church. Then we were served with local pastries and food.


After the visitation, we went back to the hotel for dinner. Then we had our free time to walk around Pematangsiantar. On the next day, after corporate devotion and breakfast, we departed to Kualanamu International Airport to fly back to our own cities. We were benefited a lot in this 4-day retreat. Not only our body, mind and spirit were refreshed, we also had great fellowships with Lutheran churches in Indonesia.



“你们要休息,要知道我是上帝!...” 诗篇46:10  休息是为了走更远的路。从属灵的角度来看,休息更是提醒我们,耶和华是上帝,而我们不过是卑微的人。








巴达克基督教会乃世界信义宗的会员之一。中午回到巴拉巴特,午餐过后我们继续拜访另外一个世界信义宗会员印尼基督教会(HKI)的 Ajibata 堂。在拜访这两间信义会堂会时,我们都有机会与当地教会的牧者交流,更认识当地的情况和他们的服事。晚餐过后,我们依然有聚会。当晚的聚会是与会督交流。牧者们都可以自由的发问,会督也尽所能的回答。第三天早上,我们依然以集体灵修开始新的一天。早餐过后,我们就启程前往 Pematang siantar 。


午餐过后,我们拜访了巴达克基督教会神学院(STT HKBP Pematang siantar) 。踏入神学院,映入眼帘的是一片辽阔的校园。进入一间大课室,在学生们带领敬拜赞美及院长致词后,就由一位讲师介绍神学院。进入问答环节,牧者们也积极的发问,进一步了解神学院及印尼神学教育的情况。接着,互赠纪念品之后,院长、讲师和学生们就带领我们参观神学院。这间神学院有着偌大优美的校园,环境非常适合学习。





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