LCMcare: Worship Attendance Registration System (New Normal)


In order to assist the congregations to effectively comply with SOP, the congregations could register the worship attendees with this LCM Care Attendance System.


3 Steps of Implementing this system:

1. Download the LCM App in advanced.

2. Print out the related poster.

3. Ensure all members key in their particulars before they enter the premise.


Simultaneously, congregations should prepare its own log book to record the particulars of the members (In comply with SOP), in case of emergency.


3 Simple Steps to be made before a Worship begins:

1. Scan the QR code and download the LCM App in advanced or log on to

2. Fill in the individual's particulars

3. Show it to the ushers after completing the registration


For more inquiries, please contact Rev Adam Kuan (016-3667042), the chairperson of the LCM Stewardship Committee.


Download New Normal Poster PDF


LCMcare 崇拜出席记录系统(新常态)




(一)预先下载手机LCM APP







(一)预先扫描二维码注册手机LCM APP或者浏览




有任何疑问,请联系 016-3667042(Rev Adam官牧师)受托事工负责人。

下载新常态海报 PDF



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