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Candidates for ordination

Candidates for recognition of ordination

NOTICE : Special License to Conduct Holy Sacraments

30th August 2021


NOTICE : Special License to Conduct Holy Sacraments


Kindly be informed that the following five ordination candidates and two candidates for recognition of ordination had been approved by the LCM EXCO. The ordination service was supposed to be held at the coming 36th LCM Biennial General Assembly (BGA) scheduled from 29 to 31 August 2021, however the BGA will be postponed due to the severe pandemic to a later date.


Candidates for ordination

1. Pastor Daniel Koo Chia En, LCM – Chemor Lutheran Church

2. Pastor Liow Weng Seng, LCM – Kuala Lumpur Lutheran Church & LCM - Permai Lutheran Church

3. Pastor Eric Mau Hsiao Ming, LCM – Christ Lutheran Church

4. Pastor Caleb Lim Thein Chee, LCM – Christ Lutheran Church

5. Pastor Andrew Goh Young Kian , LCM – Johore Bahru Lutheran Church


Candidates for recognition of ordination

1. Pastor Hong Shang Meng, LCM - Damansara Utama Lutheran Church

2. Pastor Kathrin Zaha Lee, LCM Campus ministry


We understand that the ordination service during BGA to a pastor is of significant affirmation of our Lord’s calling to the ministry and also meeting the needs of the congregation. Due to the delayed of the BGA, the LCM EXCO had agreed to grant them a special license to conduct the Holy Sacraments with effect from 1 September 2021 as well as the Reverend title thereafter.


May our Lord grant them His heavenly wisdom, passion, perseverance, strength, hope and love as they remain faithful in His ministry.




马来西亚基督教信义会的执行议会委员会已经核准通过以下五位按立候选人及两位接纳承认其按立资格,按牧礼原定于2021年8月29日 – 31日的马来西亚基督教信义会的三十六届双年度年议会(BGA)期间举行,由于疫情日趋严重,双年度年议会将展延。



1. 古嘉恩传道,珠宝堂

2. 廖永胜传道,吉隆坡堂及柏迈堂

3. 毛晓明传道,基督堂

4. 林天赐传道,基督堂

5. 吴永强传道,新山堂



1. 孔祥明传道,百乐镇堂

2. Kathrin Zaha Lee 传道,信义会校园事工






Bishop Aaron Yap






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