5th ADVISORY to all LCM Congregations Concerning
the Extension of the Restricted Movement
Order to 14th April 2020


When our Prime Minister announced that the RMO has been extended another 14 days to14th April 2020, many people were not too happy about it. Being grounded and isolatedfrom our normal social activities is not an easy situation for many to adjust to.Understandable because we are social creatures.


But as Christians and good citizens of this country, let us take heart that our government is taking this threat very seriously and they have extended the RMO for good reasons. If we are to give up our personal social life for a period for the good of the country as a whole, for

the purpose of preserving lives, for the purpose of keeping our loves ones safe, it is a commendable sacrifice. Above all, as Christians, we need to be an example of what it means to be a good citizen of Malaysia by praying, trusting and cooperating with the authorities.


Therefore, let us reaffirm our commitment during this period to:


A. Obey the RMO to Stay Home and Stay Save. Let us not be tempted to break this Order for whatever reasons (except in emergencies) so that we may not be a contributing factor of endangering our neighbours.


B. Encourage all your members to observe Sunday Worship. The LCM will continue to broadcast our Worship Service either in bilingual (English-Chinese) or in two separate single language services.


C. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter services will be broadcast in our YouTube Channel: LCMyoutubevideos.


D. Stay Connected with all your members. Use all the available technology we have like WhatsApp, SMS, Zoom, Hangouts Chat, WeChat or just call. Even the most technophobia individuals will overcome their natural aversion and learn to use these tools because of forced isolation. This is an opportunity to be connected. Pay special attention to people who are living alone, the elderly and those who are sick. Check up on them as individuals, better still, form a Care Group to do a daily/weekly check on these special group of people.


E. Small Group Ministries: Cell Group, Bible Study, Special Interest Group, etc. This is a good time to meet online since everyone is at home and there is no need for commuting. Invite members who are not usually in your groups to join, encourage them to “bring” a friend. People are isolated now and they will be more willing to join groups of people in conversation.


F. Pray. Create a prayer group in WhatsApp if you haven’t had one yet. Let this be a chat room for sharing of testimonies and prayer requests. Make a list, update the list and encourage all to pray.


G. Acts of Charity. There are many groups of people that have special needs during this crisis. People who are in the forefront of the fight against this pandemic: doctors, nurses, medical staffs, caregivers. Those who have to keep the country going: supermarket workers, food deliveries, restaurant take-aways, pharmacies, petrol stations, utilities companies for electricity and water. The poor: orphanages, old folks homes, immigrants, refugees and the homeless. Pray for them, if you can, contribute financially to the work.


In these trying times, it is a privilege to BE CHURCH. In these times, “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matt. 5:16)


Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay with the LORD.


May the grace and peace of the Lord be with you all.



Rev. Thomas Low (Acting Bishop, LCM)

26th March 2020


致马来西亚信义会各堂会的第五封忠告信有关行动限制令延长至 2020 年 4 月 14 日


当首相宣布行动限制令再延长十四天至 2020 年 4 月 14 日时,有许多人感到不高兴。要适应从日常社交活动中被限制甚至被隔离对许多人来说是挺不容易的,这是无可厚非的,因为我们是属社交群居的生物。





A. 遵守行动限制令留在家里及保持安全。让我们不要因任何理由而违反此限制令(除了紧急情况外)以至造成危害我们邻舍的因素。


B. 鼓励所有的会友守主日崇拜。马来西亚信义会将持续播放双语(英 – 华)或分别两个单语的主日崇拜。


C. 主立圣餐日、耶稣受难节及复活节的崇拜将在 YouTube Channel: LCMyoutubevideos 播放


D. 与所有的会友保持联系。使用任何的已有的科技如 WhatsApp、 SMS、 Zoom、Hangouts Chat、 WeChat 或电话作联系。在这被迫隔离的时段就是对科技恐惧的人也能克服并学习使用,是保持联系的管道。关注那些独居的、年长的以及患病的,个别关心他们,如果能成立关怀小组来作每日/每周的关心就更好。


E. 小的团体事工:细胞小组、查经班、特别兴趣小组等。因为大家都待在家而不须面对交通的问题是最好在网上相见的时候,邀请那些不在群组里的人加入,鼓励他们“带“一个朋友进来,在被隔离的情况下人们更愿意加入群组聊天。


F. 祷告。成立 WhatApp 的祷告群组,让它成为分享见证及代祷事项的聊天室,列出祷告事项、跟进祷告事项并鼓励大家祷告。


G. 慈善的行动。在这危机的时候有许多团体都有特殊的需要,在前线与疫情奋战的人:医生、护士、医疗人员、看顾者;那些要维持国家运作的:百货商场的工人、食物运送者、餐厅外送者、药局、加油站、电源及水务公司;贫穷的:孤儿、安老院、外劳、难民及无家可归者,为他们祷告,如果许可的话,以金钱支持他们的工作。


在这危难的时候,作为教会是何等的荣幸,这时“你们的光也当这样照在人前,叫他们看见你们的好行为,便将荣耀归给你们在天上的父。“ (太 5:16)



Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay with the LORD.





刘国灿牧师 (代理会督, 马来西亚信义会)

2020 年 3 月 26 日



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