4th ADVISORY to all LCM Congregations Concerning Suspension of Worship Services & Postponement of
AGM in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


The number of people that has contracted the Covid-19 virus has since doubled in the last week. Considering the fact that many mass gatherings are still going on, we anticipate that the figures will continue to go up and the risk of infection with it.


After meeting and discussing with the Deans and members of the Executive Council, we have decided to declare:


A. Suspension of worship services in all LCM Congregations for the next two weeks (22nd and 29th March), and B. Postponement of congregational AGM till after 30th June 2020. This is a directive from the Registrar of Society issued on 16th March 2020. For all congregations that have not yet had their AGM, reschedule your AGM anytime from 1st July to 31st August 2020.

The following is our advice during this period:


1. Communicate immediately the suspension of worship to all your


2. The leadership should start the process of making it possible to move your ministries Online; either in prerecorded or live delivery of sermons, worship, bible study, etc.

3. Establish an effective communication line with all your members so that you could keep them updated and they could also reach you at all times.

4. Pastors need to be on standby in case of emergencies such as urgent visitation of the sick, funerals, etc. Necessary precautions should be observed.

5. All other decisions concerning ministries not mentioned in this

ADVISORY shall be made by the church leadership together with the pastor.


In this critical time, let us be even more fervent in prayers and in the care of the neighbors. “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10), let us not give in to fear for God is sovereign.


May the grace and peace of the Lord be with you all.



Rev. Thomas Low (Acting Bishop, LCM)
16th March 2020


回应 Covid-19 流行疫情而停止


Covid-19 的确诊人数在过去的一个星期有培增的现象,眼看目前许多大型的 聚会依然在进行,我们预料确诊人数及被传染的几率会持续增加。 经与教区长及执行议会委员商讨后,以下是我们决定:


A. 停止所有马来西亚信义会各堂会接下来两个主日崇拜(3月22日及 29日),及 B. 各堂会的年议会延迟至 2020年6月30日以后举行。这是社团注册局 于2020年3月16日发出的通告,堂会若还未举行年议会,请安排在 2020年7月1日至2020年8月31日举行。



1. 即刻将停止崇拜的消息传达给所有的会友。

2. 领袖应该着手在网上进行各事工,将讲道、敬拜、查经等以预先录制或现场直播的方式进行。

3. 设立与所有会友有效的联络管道以便传达最新消息以及确保随时得被联络上。

4. 牧者传道须随时做好应对紧急的情况例如探访病患、葬礼,需作相关的防范措施。

5. 堂会领袖及牧者传道应共同做出其他未在此提及的事工的所有决定。


在这关键时刻,让我们更恳切的祷告并互相关顾。“你们要休息,要知道我是 神” (诗46:10),不要被惧怕胜过,因神仍然掌权。 愿主的恩典及平安与你们同在。


刘国灿牧师 (代理会督,马来西亚信义会)




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